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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Double diaphragm fuel regulator

MALPASSI ( FSE ) double diaphragm fuel regulator:

Adjustable Fuel Regulator, Malpassi (FSE ). Used for increasing fuel pressure under boosted conditions. Universal, will work on any turbocharged,supercharged and NA EFI engines application. This

is a 1:1 regulator and is used for keeping fuel pressure constant even

under manifold boost pressure. Meaning if your making 10psi, your

fuel pressure will remain constant instead of decreasing 10psi

because manifold pressure.
Has provision for a fuel pressure gauge to be fitted.
To make more power without upgrading from factory injectors by increasing pressure and at the same time to improve light throttle and idle quality when using injectors 550cc or greater by reducing fuel pressure.

malpassi ( FSE ) double diaphragm fuel regulator
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