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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Pivot Push Starter button

DIY Install Engine Start Button

I've been wanting to install a engine start button for my car (for the cool factor ). I'm adding pictures to my post thru the process of installing the start button.

Here it goes...

1. Engine Start Button

I got this off from halfcut shop.

This button is backlit as well so it adds to the effect of looking great especially when you just come in the car. (Will get to that in a bit)

2. Figure out where to attach it to and make a hole wide enough to fit the front part of the button.

I decided to put mine on that extra space that I had. Don't mind the self made hole. Didn't have proper tools to make the hole so i used a drill and sandpaper to make it bigger)

make sure it fits nice and snug. You don't want the hole to be too big if not you'll get that rattling sound when you drive.

Here's the back of the unit after attaching it.

3. How to wire the button up. (tricky part)
First you gotta open the bottom part of the dashboard. Just below the steering and then remove the plastic bit surrounding the steering. There are screws (3) on the bottom. This part is attached to the ignition key slot.

After that when you removed it you can see the whole the back end of the key ignition assembly.

CAUTION: There are two connectors on the back end. The one on the left (smaller one - two wires, yellow & black) is for the ring that lights up to show you where the keyhole is ( this connector can be used to light up the backlight of the button - will explain in a bit) The one on the right is the main ignition connector - 5 wires = 1 yellow/black, 1 white/black, 1 blue/black, blue/white, & 1 white)

You have to splice 2 wires on the MAIN IGNITION CONNECTOR, the white/black and the yellow black. Here's a better picture.

I said splice which means don't cut it off. DO NOT CUT IT OFF. you just have to strip the insulator a little.

Now that you've spliced the wire, take two wires, (you can use the inside wires of your electrical appliances (yellow/green, blue, brown) wires to make this connection. (To all the other sifu... please comment on this part... I not so sure whether the wire can tahan. I think should be no problem) and join them to the black/yellow, black white wires that you've spliced earlier. Connect one to each any of these two contact points.

the red arrows show the screws that you loosen to open up the contact points.

This picture shows the contact points where you should connect the IGNITION WIRES which you spliced earlier to (RED ARROWS). The YELLOW ARROWS show where you can connect the KEYHOLE RING WIRES = yellow + black wires to so that the button has a backlight.

Secure wiring properly with electrical tape. Then reconnect your battery to test it.

It should have a light like this....

FINALLY, you can close up everything and screw back all the panels. MAKE SURE you get everything back properly. Don't become like me on the first go, got extra two screws...

So now u can start your engine with this button...

info from: http://forums.vr-zone.com/vrrroomm-vrrroomm/345382-diy-install-engine-start-button-pictures.html

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