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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Surge Tank Greddy

How To Setup Your Surge Tank

A surge tank is an important part of any turbo's fuel system as it stops your engine from starving of fuel. Under harsh driving fuel is thrown from side to side of a fuel tank and this can leave the fuel pick up sucking in air rather than fuel. A surge tank however enables your pump to continuously suck up fuel and never have to worry about starving your engine of fuel.

To setup your Surge Tank you'll need the following parts :

1. Hi-Lo fuel pump - this is a low pressure pump that will feed your surge tank from you fuel tank.
2. Hi Pressure Fuel Pump - this is a high pressure fuel pump (my car has 40psi pump) that feeds your fuel rail from your surge tank.
3. Surge Tank - pretty self explanatory why you'd need this ;)
4. Fuel hose to suit all your connections - whatever is needed to connect from your fuel tank, surge tank to your fuel pumps.
5. Hose clamps - again to suit the sizes of the hoses you have selected.

Once you have all these parts, it's now time to put it all together. Below is a diagram of how you should setup your surge tank and pumps (i'll go into more detail below).

It's best to mount your Surge Tank as close as you possibly can to your fuel tank - usually in the boot of most cars, although you can fit it undercar aswell.

Enlarge the above picture(click on it) of my Surge Tank so you can see the points I am referring to.

Step 1.

Your Hi-Lo fuel pump will be mounted inbetween you fuel tank and surge tank as this feeds the surge tank constantly with fuel. As you can see from the first diagram, my Surge Tank has 4 connections for inlet/outlet. Mount the Hi-Lo fuel pump so that it feeds to the connection labelled "1." on my Surge Tank. I shouldn't need to mention this but make sure the flowpath of your Hi-Lo Pump is headed "towards" your Surge Tank.

Step 2.

The connection marked as "1." is your overflow line. This line is EXTREMELY important as it allows your surge tank to breathe, without it you could have a big mess of fuel in your boot.
Now connect this line back to your fuel tank - the return line on your fuel tank.

Step 3.

Now you will have a return line from your fuel rail - connect this to the connection marked as "3.". Some people will tell you that this is not a good idea as you are using "hot" fuel and will lose performance. BUT this is complete bs - the performance losses would be so minimal that you'd never ever notice them and the fuel will not heat up all that much unless you're running your fuel lines next to your extractors!

Step 4.

The last thing to do is now hook up your hi-pressure pump to provide fuel to your fuel rail! Since you never want to starve your engine of fuel - take the connection at the bottom (marked as 4. on the image) and feed it to the fuel pump. Remembering to make sure that the flow of your pump is *towards* your fuel rail!

Once you've done that, make sure all your hoses have been fitted correctly and your fuel pumps are mounted correctly.

info from http://modifiedcarforums.com/forums/general-tech-discussion/699-how-setup-your-surge-tank-pics.html

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